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Construction of solar power plants

As one of the leading producers of electricity from renewable sources in the Balkans, Eling  performs works on the construction of solar power plants that supply their energy to the electrical system. In addition to construction, Eling also offers investors the purchase of that energy at the most favorable market prices, so that the investor has a complete cycle of both production and sale.


Construction of solar power plants on houses

At the beginning of the year, conditions were created for the construction of solar power plants according to the "net metering" system. Eling's teams are finding technical possibilities to ensure the production of electricity from solar modules that is sufficient for the entire consumption of the household.

Works on SHPP Hotovlje

Final works are underway on the construction of SHPP Hotovlje, capacity 4.68 MW, municipality Kalinovik, RS, BiH. The facility was made according to the "turnkey" system, with a steel pipeline 5.35 km long, with diameters φ1016 and φ914. The generators are powered by two Pelton turbines.

The complete works are performed by the workers of Eling, and the investor is the company Delaso d.o.o. Teslic.


Completion of SHPP Graići

Eling's teams have successfully completed the construction of the 900 kW Graići SHPP on the river Graići, municipality Kraljevo , Serbia.

A total of 3400 m of steel pipes with a diameter of Ø 355 to Ø 1016 were installed. The investor is the company STH Energy d.o.o. from Kraljevo.


Eling's teams on the Balkan Stream

Eling's teams successfully performed works on the first section through Serbia of the international gas pipeline Balkan Stream. Despite the difficult conditions, the virus pandemic, the work was completed on schedule.


Testing lattice towers


Installers Eling successfully perform work on the test station Energoinvesta in Sarajevo. Lattice towers 400 kV are tested before release to manufacturing and are intended for export.


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