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Eling team began work on the construction of SHPP Jelec power 4.8 MW in Jelec, municipality Foca. Steel pipes Ø 1016 with a length of 8.5 km is planned that the work is finished by the end 2017.  The investor is the company »Petrol Hydropower" from Teslic.


Work on the HFC network in Montenegro

Eling teams have successfully begun work on the construction of HFC networks (ADSS and RG11 cables) in the area of Zeta and Malesia for the purposes of Mtel Montenegro. Provides for the installation of cables with a length of over 600 km with the installation of optical nodes and two "Data Center".

Testing lattice towers


Installers Eling successfully perform work on the test station Energoinvesta in Sarajevo. Lattice towers 400 kV are tested before release to manufacturing and are intended for export.

SHPP Ilomska


A small hydro power plant Ilomska, equiped with two generators and an installed capacity of 4.8 MW, became operational. All works were completed in full by employees of Eling Inzinjering.


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